2021 Rates

Starting in the summer of 2021, Eagle Springs Golf Resort will be making an innovative move to implement Dynamic Pricing. This buying experience ensures that golfers can look at tee times in real-time and then pick the tee time, price and date that best suits their needs. There are multiple pricing options everyday to choose from. 
What is dynamic pricing?
Dynamic pricing is a value pricing model in which costs for a product or service fluctuate in real-time based on supply and demand. If you’ve ever shopped for a Brewers ticket or a hotel room online, you’re familiar with the concept. Eagle Springs will now price our tee times similarly to MLB and the hotel industry. Our prices will rise and fall with the availability.
How are prices determined?
Eagle Springs Golf Resort uses historical data as well as a combination of real-time information such as time, day, weather and, most importantly, demand to determine its online tee time prices. A discounted rate is set 7 days in advance and then adjusts as tee times fill in or are left vacant.
How do I get the best price?
  • Book Online: The best price will always be online.
  • Early Booking Discount: At 7 days out you can book the tee time of your choice online at a discounted green fee rate. 
  • Be Flexible: If you’re a golfer who has some flexibility in your schedule, there can be some great deals for you if you choose to play on days that demand is low.
Can I still book my tee time over the phone or in person?
Of course! Keep in mind, though, that any tee times that are reserved over the telephone or in-person will be charged the rack rate and will not benefit from dynamic pricing.