League App Instructions 

1.Type in league specific URL into your browser (Safari, Google  Chrome, Etc.) or Download the Golfsoftware.com App 
     a.Tuesday league URL: estue.golfleague.net 
     b.Wednesday Morning league URL: eswedam.golfleague.net 
     c.Wednesday Afternoon league URL: eswedpm.golfleague.net 
     d.Thursday league URL: esthur.golfleague.net 
2.Click on the button with the three lines in the upper right-hand corner

3.Click “Sign In”  

4.Fill out the information to sign in  
   a.Your phone number must use dashes (-)  
   b.Password is 1234esgr 
5.When done, click “Sign In” 
6.Click on the button with three lines in the upper right-hand corner, again 
7.Click on “Play”  
8.Make sure that your name appears underneath “League” 
9.Click on “Post Score”  
10.Select who you want to keep score for  
     a.Example: yourself or all 4 players 

     b. For the players you want to keep score for make sure is says “Yes” in green. For the players that you do not want to keep score for make sure it says “No” in grey. 

11.Once you have selected who you want to keep score for, click  “Play Golf”  

12.Now keep score for each hole by clicking on the “+” or “-” buttons